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The Whispering Glade is a dungeon located in the Swiftblade Territory of the Storynth. It is the first dungeon in the Storynth, and the first dungeon in which Velziran and Elloria are playable.


The Whispering Glade is a heavily forested path spanning much of Clan Swiftblade’s remaining territory. Due to its proximity to the Final Gate, the region contains a notable number of Ferali, leading to minor disuse of the route.

The enemies found within the Whispering Glade will generally prefer fighting through the use of basic attacks, rather than special techniques.

Boss Encounter

Atok Swiftblade serves as the dungeon’s boss fight, a result of his unwillingness to return Velziran’s Waystone without the party first “fight[ing] for it.”

After his defeat, Atok will return the Waystone and allow the party to view his “treasures” whenever they choose. If spoken to after this point, he will sell items from a limited pool of supplies.


  • The Seeing in Lykoria will refer to the Whispering Glade in one of their dialogue options, mentioning that it was once used by Swiftblade spies. Where exactly these spies were based within the Glade, and why they were stationed there, remains unknown.
  • One of the four strange objects can be found here.