Zorvus Stormhowl (/ˈzɔrvʌs ˈstɔrmhaʊl/ or /ˈzɔɾvus ˈstɔrmhaʊl/) is a Zirali scholar and mentor to Dakos. He is extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, and is skilled in both physical and magical combat.

Prior to becoming a Zirali, Zorvus belonged to the Stormhowl Clan based out of Vahskali.


Zorvus is an elderly Fieli with white skin, purple hair, and red eyes. He wears a tattered, grey robe alongside a distinctive black hat. This hat possesses grey accents around its brim, a brown “belt,” and a small, red jewel on its pointed, floppy end. Zorvus’ hair appears short and spiky from the front, but is actually pulled back into a long, thin ponytail. He has a scar on his left cheek.


Zorvus is serious, knowledgeable, and logical almost to a fault. His solemnity is largely a byproduct of how he controls his Feral Form; by suppressing strong emotion as much as possible, Zorvus ensures that the form remains dormant. Unfortunately, this practice also hampers his ability to articulate positive emotions, especially toward his apprentice.

Zorvus tends to make plans in advance, and often becomes frustrated when others directly oppose his premeditated actions. Despite this, he has been shown to be more flexible and willing to take risks if his actions may improve the quality of life for the Fieli as a whole.

This section contains story spoilers.
As revealed in Dakos’ dream, Zorvus’ anger and surprise at being wounded by his apprentice was enough to trigger his Feral Form, though he remained level-headed even when in said form.
Zorvus is actually the last surviving member of Clan Stormhowl’s noble family, but was stripped of his claim to lead the Clan upon becoming a Zirali. Despite this, he still has access to certain benefits reserved for members of Fiendish nobility (such as access to Lykoria’s crystalline records and the use of a royal Waystone). Because of his exile, Zorvus was not present in Vahskali at the time of its destruction.

In the Post-Game

The player can speak to multiple characters, such as Mylor and Master Scholar Talrendis, about Zorvus.

This section contains post-game spoilers.

If the player clears all Ranks of the Trial By Combat, they will be rewarded with both halves of the Guardian’s Shard. Possessing the shard allows players to view the game’s secret ending in the Heart of the Storynth, in which the party is reunited with Zorvus, as the Storynth’s new guardian (who has been studying under Solurec and Cerulos).

After becoming guardian, Zorvus smiles more often and is generally more relaxed. In his guardian form, Zorvus wears his hair down and appears in a grey coat.


  • Zorvus’ name is somewhat inconsistent with normal Sraharl naming conventions because he was named very early in development—before those conventions were established.
  • Zorvus’ explanation of Zirali, and the accompanying flashbacks to his childhood, were some of the first cutscenes implemented in the game. His explanation originally happened outside his house.
  • Zorvus appears in more dreams than any other character in the game, with 3 different appearances.
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